26th October 2016

Why Social Emotional Skills Development?

Social Emotional Skills (SES) development, is the continual process of enabling people to develop deep self-awareness and social emotional skills, plus have the strategies to deploy that will enable them to boost how well they feel and better engage with society, family, work/school.

SES development provision, when sufficiently established within nursery, school, community and work environments, tangibly develops a specific personal capability to:

  • manage emotions;
  • set and achieve goals;
  • feel and show empathy for others;
  • establish and maintain positive relationships;
  • feel empowered to make responsible decisions.

There is growing international research which clearly indicates, that building SES in communities directly relates to how people live healthier, happier and more cohesive lives. This research tells us that SES:

  1. matter more for general mental well-being (such as greater life satisfaction, mental health and well-being);
  2. matter similarly for health and health related outcomes (such as lower likelihood of obesity, smoking and drinking, and better self-rated health);
  3. matter similarly for some socio-economic and labour market outcomes (such as higher income and wealth, being employed, and not being in social housing);
  4. matter less for other socio-economic and labour market outcomes such as obtaining a degree, having higher wages and being employed in a top job (although there is nonetheless a relationship to these outcomes).

The SESA Initiative aligns into the need for a more robust Human Development capability within the schools and communities of the Middle East & Africa. This SES development need relates to the socioeconomic importance of establishing and being able to measure, levels of Resilience & Wellbeing across a country.

It is vital that every country be able to create a quality assured and well supported SES development provision, which is grounded in value outcome of child/adolescence able to self-manage healthier, happier and engaged adult lives.

The SESA Initiative creates locations of focus and tangible capability for the design and provision of SES development in communities.

It’s primary focus is upon creating and sustaining local specialists and supporting provision by coordinating the creation of sustainable Wellbeing & Resilience.