10th September 2016

SESA Initiative UAE


SESA Initiative UAE was launched through a number of strategic partnerships, to support Vision 2021.

The focus is upon enhancing education to regulate social emotional skills (SES) development provision in the UAE, so as to measurably boost Resilience and Wellbeing in all young people.


“Our children face major challenges, and it is our responsibility to prepare and protect them,” said Sheikh Mohammed. “We should not sit back and watch. We should rather race even the light, not only the wind, to ensure that our future generations are well prepared for more achievements and progress. History will judge us on what we did for our children and our people, because the real asset of the nation is its people.” Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed

International research clearly indicates a need for better availability of provision in building social emotional skills (SES) in young people.

SES development, throughout education, directly relates to how young people live healthier, happier and more engaged lives.

To meet both Vision 2021 and the HDI objectives, the UAE needs to ensure that young people are given the very best opportunity to enhance their intellectual development, by aligning this with a solid social emotional development.

Evidence of class-based Resilience and Wellbeing development is now a key metric for the UAE’s education community and parents – which is why SES development provision sits at the heart of The SESA Initiative.

The SESA Initiative in the UAE provides an “Open-Access” route for educators to join a dedicated infrastructure which establish the vanguard in teacher qualification and the quality of provision, related to SES development within the UAE.

From Early Years right up to Higher Education, the SESA Initiative enables any setting to create qualified specialist capability in-house, and provides unique support to help settings deliver a quality SES development provision:

  • Parents can now measure education by a new quality standard of SES development provision for their young people. Education investment can be compared by setting, by the value-addition of SES development provision – a Return on Investment metric from the “whole-education” service.
  • Educators can now differentiate their setting in a competitive marketplace, promoting their credentials as specialist locations, with a quality of SES provision which sits within an expert international SESA infrastructure, dedicated to educational enrichment through SES development provision.

Every educational setting is the UAE can establish their credentials as a SES Academy (SESA).

This links them directly into the national infrastructure and support for youth Resilience.

Support for the UAE education sector is provided in association with Gabbitas Education.

The Ministry of Education has adopted “Education 2020,” to introduce advanced education techniques, improve innovative skills, and focus more on the self-learning abilities of students. SES development provision is enabled through the SESA Initiative, helping settings to showcase their specialist capability within the UAE.

In 2017, the proposed professional licensing scheme for teachers comes into place, to be fully implemented by 2021. Schoolteachers, vice-principals, principals and cluster managers are able to demonstrate a robust “portfolio of evidence” linked to their SES development provision under the SESA Initiative.

Emotional Capital in Young People, is a ground-breaking measure of the social emotional skills within UAE schools.

This provides a comprehensive set of robust metrics linked to youth Self-Awareness & Self-Management, Social Skills and Resilience – measured by age, gender & location!

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Social Emotional Skills (SES) provision for young people in the UAE is the continual process of developing a deep self-awareness and honing a key set of social emotional skills.

Universally, developing good “emotional intelligence” is a differentiator for young people as they enter employment. It enables them to deploy the leadership and resilience strategies to boost how well they feel, manage complex situations and build a stable family, work/school and community environment.