19th December 2016

Pioneering SESA Schools in Ghana

Educational leaders in Ghana have the opportunity of joining the SESA Initiative, to pioneer a new path within Ghana’s education sector.

Without doubt the creation of in-school specialist capability in building social emotional skills enriches the learning pathway for girls and boys.

There are a number of pioneering schools joining SESA Initiative Ghana to change the way that education develops young people for the future.

An SES Academy (SESA) will establish a powerful new teaching capability to build tangible skills in their young people to be able to:

  • manage difficult emotions with greater discretion to respond to stressful circumstances and to take control;
  • increase creativity, innovation and problem solving abilities to enhance learning or work activities;
  • improve health and wellbeing through the quality of social connections and relationships;
  • enhance the capacity to make emotional connections with others and be happy;
  • be optimistic and positive in moods, with a sense of self-confidence that in many ways inoculates against depression and anxiety.

To join the SESA Initiative Ghana, you first need to contact our team in Accra

Ajumako Senior High School,

Box AJ 7, Ajumako, Central Region, Ghana

Proprietor: Mr. Alex Arthur

Startrite Community School

NTG 20 Brim Central Municipality Akim Oda, Eastern Region, Ghana

Proprietor : Kwame Baah Mensa( B.A. Hons French)

Ghana Education Staff Development Institute (GESDI)

Basic A/B Ajumako, Central Region, Ghana

Proprietors: Emmanuel Amihere (Basic A) and Daniel K (Basic B).

Pat Goshen Academy

P.O.Box GP 1258, Accra. Ghana

Headmistress: Mrs. Susie Takyi

Please contact James Addison, co-founder of SESA Ghana.

Visit: SESA Initiative Ghana, c/o Addison International Centre of Emotional Intelligence, Box DS 243, Dansoman, Accra.

Call: +233 26 833 0951