27th November 2016

SESA Initiative Nigeria


In 2013 a working partnership was formed between the African Centre for Human Capital Development (ACHCD), The Umajene-Abatemi Initiative (TUAI) and SEDi, to establish the 1st African country within what is now the SESA Initiative.

ACHCD was founded by Abdulazeez Abatemi-Usman with the sole purpose of creating a national solution for creating and sustaining skills for communities in Nigeria.

Abdulazeez is also a trustee the non-governmental organization (NGO) TUAI, which is funded by donations and run primarily by youth development volunteers.  More About ACHCD


Creating Capability in Nigeria

SESA Nigeria sets out to establish and support a national community of qualified Specialists in Social Emotional Development Practice within Education and Community Business in Nigeria.

It will address the social development need to build and measure what are known as “soft skills” and will guide learning and development activities which pinpoint evolving Social Emotional Development across entire communities.

SESA Nigeria provides a national learning & development infrastructure which establishes qualified Specialists in Social Emotional Development Practice – Nigerian educators and practitioners who will define and build social emotional skills that empower Resilience and determine Wellbeing.


SEDS is a proprietary professional qualification from SEDi, provided in collaboration with RocheMartin and Highfield Awarding Body. It is the first comprehensive, knowledge-to-practice and externally awarded qualification, in Social Emotional Development practice.

It has been purpose designed to set a new standard for Human Development activities, and to provide the map for establishing Engagement, Resilience and Wellbeing within education, community and workplace settings.

Within Nigeria, the network of Specialists will be supported to design, deliver and monitor the development of social emotional skills in adults and young people.

SEDi provides both the physical and digital resources needed, supported within Nigeria by SESA Initiative partner, ACHCD.


“A heightened sense of self-awareness, better ability to manage distressing emotions, increased sensitivity to how others feel, and the capacity to manage relationships well are vital throughout life.” Daniel Goleman

For years, senior psychology researchers had been calling for clearer definitions for emotional competencies related to Resilience and Wellbeing, stating that a “new scale development is required.” SED are able to periodically Measure Youth Development impact, from the progressive building of specific social emotional skills:

Self-Awareness & Self-Management: A cluster of emotional competencies which enable the development of awareness of presence and of communication; authentically and openly.

Social Skills: A cluster of emotional competencies which enables the grasp of the emotional dimensions in all situations and how to better influence others to help achieve productive outcomes.

Resilience: A cluster of emotional competencies which enables the ability to take on challenges and to respond creatively and effectively, irrespective of set-backs, and remain open to new opportunities.


Understanding how emotions shape your thoughts and actions is the first step to gaining greater control over your behaviour. Developing the youth skills to manage self and others more effectively maximises how young people influence as a leader.

SESA Nigeria provides a rigorous youth leadership development process that builds and embeds Emotionally Intelligent skills to equip future leadership.