19th December 2016

Ghana’s Healthcare

Mount Olives Hospital in Ghana becomes the 2nd healthcare organisation to incorporate specialist capability in social and emotional skills development into the hospital, following a meeting with AICEI founder and SESA Ghana co-founder James Addison.

Facilitating long-term emotional wellbeing is now high on the list of priorities for the hospital executive team, within a number of key Anchors within its Customer Charter.

Joining the SESA Initiative Ghana, the hospital is now investing in establishing a team of qualified specialists to help in delivering patient Social Emotional Development – which will measurably increase Wellbeing!

Research clearly indicates that building social emotional skills directly relates to how people live healthier, happier and more enjoyable lives, indeed social emotional skills:

  • matter more for general mental well-being (such as greater life satisfaction, mental health and well-being);
  • matter similarly for health and health related outcomes (such as lower likelihood of obesity, smoking and drinking, and better self-rated health);
  • matter similarly for some socio-economic and labour market outcomes (such as higher income and wealth, being employed, and not being in social housing);

Improving Social Emotional Skills – Benefits

An ability to manage difficult emotions with greater discretion to respond to stressful circumstances and to take control.

An increased creativity, innovation and problem solving abilities to enhance learning or work activities.

Improved health and wellbeing through the quality of social connections and relationships, through an enhanced capacity to make emotional connections with others and attract other people.

Solid optimistic approach and positive mood with a sense of self-confidence that in many ways inoculates against depression and anxiety.