21st October 2016

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The SESA Community is evolving! As it does we are constantly looking to connect into Education, Healthcare and Faith organizations to enable them to establish a powerful capability to enrich the social emotional development of the communities they serve.

Please feel free to click the link to any of the countries on the LEFT and make contact.

Then simply complete the Contact Form on the page, then our local team will be in touch to arrange a call or meeting with you.

The SESA Initiative is proud to support communities in the Middle East and Africa in 3 main ways:

1) Creating dedicated Social Emotional Skills Academy (SESA) locations within any community location – connected into the international SEDi learning, development and support infrastructure.

2) Within each SESA location, establishing in-house qualified specialists in Social Emotional Development Practice – internationally registered within the SEDi community.

3) Within each country, providing a rigorous measurement of Resilience and Wellbeing across adults and young people to enable SESA locations to pinpoint social emotional development needs.