27th November 2016

Addison International Center for Emotional Intelligence

“Building a national community of qualified Specialists in Social Emotional Development is our aim. Only by establishing a new standard and national capability to build resilience in Ghana, do we develop future leadership, enterprise and wellbeing.”

In 2015 James had the vision to embed an Emotional Intelligence capability within the fabric of education, business and communities in Ghana. He travelled to the UK with the aim to join forces with SEDi (Social Emotional Development Institute) to adopt a model that would enable him to establish a Learning & Development infrastructure  that can create Specialist capability in Ghana, to build the social emotional skills required of educators, business leaders and parents to build Resilience.

James founded the Addison International Center for Emotional Intelligence, forming an exclusive partnership with SEDi to now enrich Ghana’s education and social development arenas.


James Addison,

Founder & CEO