27th November 2016

African Centre for Human Capital Development


The eradication of poverty and the creation of self-sufficiency comes from two key things; Specialist People (providing new skills through learning and development) and Structure (creation of the change resources, processes, coordinated activity and impact measurement)..”

In 2013, to meet a national need for youth reintegration, employment and cohesion within the Niger Delta, African Centre for Human Capital Development (ACHCD) was established.

Founded by Abdulazeez Abatemi-Usman, ACHCD established the international relationship with SEDi which enable him to establish a Learning & Development infrastructure that can create Specialist capability in Nigeria, to build the social emotional skills required of educators, business leaders and parents to build Resilience and underpin Cohesion.


Abdulazeez Abatemi-Usman

Founder & CEO