Supporting Emotional Safety & Resilience

We're underpinning how communities build and sustain Emotional Safety & Resilience, by: transforming how education settings provide Child Emotional Safety and Development; and establishing a global network of qualified youth leaders who are specialists in Social Emotional Development.

Transforming Education

We’ve established a unique learning & development environment to transform education settings into centres of excellence in child emotional safety and development.

Across Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe #sesaEducation is a professional development programme which focuses on building awareness and qualified capability across FIVE key domains:

Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Social Emotional Learning, Trauma and Autism.


Qualifying Specialist Young Leaders


We’ve teamed up with community Non-Profit teams across the world, to help them create a qualified capability through youth leadership, which positions a much needed specialist capability within the heart of communities.

#sesaYOUTH is a global learning, development and research programme to enhance youth leadership and establish a new specialism in Social Emotional Development Practice, to support Emotional Safety & Resilience within hard to reach communities.

Within Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe, NGOs, Faith Groups and Charities is establishing a new youth leadership and support capability through SESA.


Sponsored Capability Building

Social Sponsorship 

We link individual and group philanthropy into tangible capability building within Education and Youth Leadership, through social sponsorship for long-term community Emotional Safety & Resilience.


Brand Sponsorship 

We position brands within the heart of communities in emerging markets, through brand sponsorship which connects deep into communities via Education & Youth Leadership.