Harnessing Emotional Power

In a way, our emotions are like fire: Left on the loose, they can bring on a great amount of pain and suffering--to ourselves and others. Feelings like anger, sadness, and fear can be overwhelming, and can quickly cause us to say or do things we later regret. But just as you can turn fire into a useful tool, these emotions can also be a force for good. Feelings of rage and fury can serve as a catalyst, inspiring us to flee or confront a dangerous situation. Exercised in the proper degree and channeled in the right way, these emotions can move us to act and inspire needed change. This is what emotional intelligence is all about--learning to harness the power of emotions, then directing them in a way that's beneficial.

We are focused upon presenting a world insight into evolving Emotional Resilience across Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

The SESA Initiative uniquely provides countries with a rigorous process for building and then benchmarking Emotional Resilience, which positions a powerful new human development insight.

Our focus upon supporting the creation of and then measurement of Emotional Resilience within the heart of communities. We enhance how countries sit within the UN's Human Development Index (HDI).

Over the past two decades, the world has made major strides in human development. Today, people are living longer, more children are going to school and more people have access to clean water and basic sanitation. Since 1990, 2 billion people have been lifted out of low human development, extreme income poverty has been reduced by more than a billion. Every region of the world has seen Human Development Index (HDI) gains.

Creating Community Capability

The biggest challenge facing every country is how to create community emotional safety and the ability to build Emotional Resilience within adults, young people and children.

In 2012 Jay Baughan, the creator of the SESA Initiative, identified a global need for a learning, development and research infrastructure which would embed deep within communities, provide them with expert-rich learning and development processes, and a way to establish "home grown" specialists in Social Emotional Development Practice to champion the building of Emotional Resilience.

A SESA Community

The SESA Initiative is a community of educational and community environments which are dedicated Social Emotional Skills Academy (SESA) locations, interconnected across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Embedded into communities, these centres of excellence in Social Emotional Development Practice are fully equipped to build and sustain Emotional Resilience in adults and young people.

Each SESA location is uniquely supported within the SESA Initiative, to cascade powerful learning & development out into the wider community and to champion the building of Emotional Resilience.


In February 2017, the SESA Initiative launched a global measurement of the Emotional Capital in Young People, capturing input from over 3,000 young people aged 12 years upwards.

A world first, it gathered ground-breaking insight into the complex array of existing social emotional skills, translating this into Metrics of Emotional Resilience.

Unlike any organisation in the world, SEDi now has data captured from Africa, the Middle East and Europe and a rigorous Psychometric tool which benchmarks Emotional Resilience by Age, Gender, Nationality and Location.